Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wiggin Out all the way to the top of Half Dome, Yosemite with my BFF

The Summer of 2013, was a pretty amazing for me.

It's the summer I climbed Yosemite's Half Dome with my BFF Elle.

Long time friends since the fourth grade Elle and I set forward to conquer Half Dome.

A 22 mile hike climbing 8.890 feet to the top.

The base at Half Dome

This is where some people get then fear the cables as its a long drop down..
As for me (amateur hiker) I had no fear. This is where I gained my second (or was it my seventh) wind and I was ready to climb that rock and get to the top . 

snack time

Me & Elle taking a break before the final stretch.

A view from the top.

Finally, I'm here!

Me and Elle in Good Ole Wig Fashion

and down again…

It certainly wasn't an easy task. I'm not a hiker. In fact I hardly ever work out. However, I 'm always up for a challenge and I had the day off.  We entered the lottery to get the tickets to go up the cables and found out the night before that we got them.  So, it was a pack everything you need kind of night and get to bed cause were leaving early in the morning to start our hike.

The morning started out a lil rough for me as I was passing Vernal Falls. I only had a few hours sleep the night before so that first part of the climb made me a little dizzy and I had to sit, eat & hydrate before continuing.  

All the while on the hike, I had a fear that I was going to be attacked by a mountain lion or bear.  It was that one Oprah Winfrey show where that woman was attacked by her own pet chimpanzee. After watching that episode I decided that I never wanted to be attacked by a wild animal. That one show kept me off trails for years.  We did see a snake on the trail. but for some reason I did not have fear of the snake.  Just the fear of how quickly I could get down the mountain if it attacked me.

Once we got to the base of Half Dome I sat for a break and that is where I sat on my camelback nozzle and drained the rest of the water that I had.  From that moment forward I wasn't afraid of being attacked by a wild animal I was more concerned of dehydration as the day was quite warm and it took a lot of water to get to the top.

Although, a bit dehydrated and out of our minds we did make it back.  There was some really nice day hikers on the trail that day. They gave us water that held us over till we could get back.

Half Dome was an AMAZING feat to conquer with my BFF Elle.

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