Saturday, December 7, 2013

Relationships: Dr. Alexander Nguyen

I'm in the business of relationships.

As a hair and makeup artist that specializes in weddings, relationships have always been important to me.  One of the best relationships that I have that was created over 15 years ago was the relationship that was created between me and my Dentist. Dr Alexander Nguyen.  I first met him while styling his bride on their wedding day.  I happened to be needing to get to the dentist and decided that I would give him a try.

One visit had me convinced. This was the best experience I ever had at the dentist office.  As a wedding stylist spending weekend/weekday mornings with my clients/brides, I am often photographed while styling.  Knowing that not only was my smile important to me,  how I smiled was just as important. After a number of hours working on my smile for the camera and after braces I still needed a lil work. Dr. Nguyen made it easier for me to make my smile all it could be.   I'm not sure I used to love my smile then like I do now.

Some people try and avoid the dentist. I definitely used to be one of them. I absolutely look forward to my appointments now.

Dr Nguyen or Alex as I call him is in my opinion an AMAZING DENTIST. His attention to detail superseded my expectations then and continue to do so now.

Here's my prescription: If you have an important life changing event or are in need of regular dental care get yourself in to Dr. Alexander Nguyen's office. He'll keep you smiling like you never have before.

Dr. Nguyen is an award winning Dentist/Cosmetic Dentist

For more information about Dr. Alexander Nguyen   Please visit: Saratoga Dental Spa

Relationships I. Dr. Alexander Nguyen | Dentist

Friday, December 6, 2013

In Celebration of 20 Years of Styling Brides, Armando Sarabia launches The Bobbie Pin Pendant

To celebrate my 20-year anniversary in the wedding industry, I designed a one-of-a-kind sterling silver pendant to match my iconic logo, the bobby pin.  Several years ago, I started using the bobby pin on my business cards, as a unique and fun way to promote my business.  

While the bobby pin might seem insignificant at first, it is something we use in our industry every day and is the foundation of a great up-do. It’s one of the reasons my tagline reads, “keeping it up, ‘til it’s time to come down."

The Bobbie Pin Pendant is handcrafted of sterling silver by the artisan Amy Torello. It is offered in polished or brushed silver and is available in twelve brilliant birthstone colors, black onyx, turquoise and pearl.  Just as the left ring finger is said to be a direct link to the heart, I designed the Bobbie Pin Pendant  so the stones face toward the heart.  The idea is that every time the Bobbie Pin Pendant sparkles, you are reminded of those you love.
This has been an inspiration of mine for the past couple of years, and I hope you love the Bobbie Pin Pendant as much as I do.

To check out more about The Bobbie Pin Pendant please visit my store


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