Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Original “get your Do up!” Bobbi Pin Business Card

Photo by: Geoff White Photgraphy

The Original “get your Do up!” Bobbi Pin Business Card

With the recent re-launch of my new website I needed a new business card to go with it. But what to do? I didn’t want a typical card. I wanted something different and distinctive.

While brain storming I went out shopping for elastics for my wedding kit and came across some bobbi pins for sale on paper cards. Inspiration struck! There in front of me was my new business card concept! I would design a card that would also be an accessory. Eye catching cards that would look great, include all of my contact info by using the front and back, and be useful to my clients and potential clients all at the same time.

Since their introduction they have become an industrywide hit. At the last event I attended guests were wearing my cards in their hair. I had to make a trip back out to my car for more cards as I gave away over 80 cards in 3 hours. In the past at a typical event I’d give out 7 to 12 business cards. However, at the last Martini Madness I had people coming over to me introducing who they brought over and were saying you have to meet Armando and get one of his cards.

Stylish, memorable and very unique. The original, “get your Do up!,” Bobbi Pin, Business Card by Armando

At a recent Martini Madness event my new business cards became the latest in hair accessories.

Photo by: Andrew Hsu


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