Sunday, July 11, 2010

get your Do up! heads to Chapel Hill, NC

Going to the Chapel, Chapel Hill that is.. For Lisa and Joshua's Wedding ..

While Lisa is sealing envelopes and interviewing photographers... Joshua is off in South Africa for the World Cup. He is promising to bring Lisa gifts from his trip..
(Better be more than a Vuvuzela Joshua.)

I first met Lisa and Joshua at Bay to Breakers a couple of years ago.

that's me when my hair was extremely long ;)

If you have ever participated in Bay to Breakers you know it really isn't a run, it's a party!

That's where I met Lisa and Joshua somewhere near the half-way point. That's where the party was and that's where I needed to stay.

I'm sure the wedding at Chapel Hill is going to be quite the party as well.
Most of the people I met at Bay to Breakers will be there. :)

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